VMAs 2017


This years MTV Video Music Awards had a variety of shows, from Shawn Mendes to Kendrick Lamar. The main attraction being Taylor Swift premiering her new music video for “Look What You Made Me Do”. Although she only won for her collaboration with Zayn Malik, people were eager to see the new, more edgy Taylor.

“I liked seeing something different, even if it was darker than her usual feel-good songs.” Freshman Cassie Nesmith said.

Swift’s rival, Katy Perry, was the host for the big night, but her reviews were poor. She made basic Trump jokes and came across as over enthusiastic to much of the crowd.

“I feel like I would have enjoyed the VMAs more with a better host, someone who had more experience maybe.” Junior Grace Ludwig said.

The biggest winner of the night was Kendrick Lamar, who won Best Video of the Year for his song “Humble”. In addition to his win, he opened the show with a mind-blowing performance with fire and passion.

“Although the show in general wasn’t very great, I loved watching Kendrick Lamar,” Sophomore Kersten Lee said. “He’s one of my favorite artists and he definitely deserved his wins.”

Other mentionable performance was Miley Cyrus’s 50’s themed production, a major contrast to her scandalous actions in the past. She song her hit song “Younger Now”, which is now available in her new album that consists of country, pop, and folk songs.