WHS adds a new hands-on agriculture class

Waxahachie High School has many students that want to pursue a career in the agriculture field. The agriculture teachers felt it was a good idea to create a new course with students having access to a hands-on experience with animals. Veterinary Medical Applications allows students wanting to work with animals an experience that will prepare them for their future jobs.

“I want to be a vet,” Junior Sara Shipley said. ” This class prepares me by working hands-on with animals and shows me what it’s like in that specific environment.”

This class also shows students how to properly take care of different illnesses for different animals.

“I live on a ranch, so I really enjoy working with different livestock animals,” Senior Garret Yarborough said. “Being in this class shows me how to help my animals if they get sick.”

This new course gives opportunities for students who haven’t even seen a real farm animal and shows them how agriculture is used in their everyday lives.

One of the agriculture teachers, James Glenn, said, “I wanted to add this course so kids would have the chance to have some hands-on experience and maybe get to see livestock more often and also have a veterinary experience to where they can manage health of animals at the barn.”