C Day Shenanigans

As Friday approaches, students bite their nails, awaiting to get lost in their schedules.

Over the summer, a new idea was encouraged: c days. Every Friday, students at WHS will travel throughout the school and go to all 8 classes, instead of just the 4.

“I was expecting to go to the 8 classes in order, like A1, A2… but instead we go back and forth through A day and B day, which makes it really confusing.” Junior, Briana Castillo said.

Although it makes sense to go to the 8 classes in numerical order, the classes have to be arranged this way because of sports and off periods.

Despite the student’s confusion, teachers have also made their mistakes throughout the day.

“I started taking role for the wrong class and I got about halfway through before I realized that every name I called was absent,” said William Alford, physics teacher.

Aside from the bad sides of C day, some students and teachers actually enjoy it and believe that it will be used to our benefit.