Hurricane Harvey empties gas stations

The devastating Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas August 25, 2017. This tragic event sent people who lived on the coast up north away from their homes due to flooding and strong storms. What comes with traveling in cars is going to gas stations every so often. As people travel north from the coast, of course they need to fill up their cars with gas. This has left multiple gas stations without gas and diesel. Prices of diesel and gas have gone up since the last week, with the lowest price being $2.19 at H-E-B and the highest being $2.65 at Race Trac. This has left the gas stations on Highway 77 packed with coastal people filling up their vehicles. Now, locals of Waxahachie are rushing to get gas before we run out.

“I honestly think everyone is over reacting,” Sophmore Kayla Milholen said.