Ezekiel Elliot Suspension Story

Dallas Cowboys Running-back, Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for 6 games due to a Domestic violence charge. The investigation began in July 2016, when a report by Elliott’s former girlfriend sent a report into the Columbus, Ohio police department. The report stated that Elliot had attacked her many times over the week and an assault on her while she was driving in her car. Along with the report, she posted many pictures on her Instagram of bruises on her leg, arms, and neck. The police report says that the officers went to talk to four witnesses about the report, and all claimed to have never seen an attack occur. When word got out to Elliot, he denied all the attacks and said he and his former girlfriend never lived together. He also said the bruises all over her Instagram page happened to her in a bar but not by him. The girl who filed the report then cooperated with the NFL’s investigation , which lasted over a year.

Peter Harvey, Kenneth Houston, Tonya Lovelace, and Mary Jo White, four expert advisors, assisted in the investigation. The investigators looked all the proof including photos, police records, and text messages to help them with the case. Along with this investigation, in March of this year, Elliott pulled down a woman’s top during a St. Patrick’s day parade. The investigators watched a video and talked to the woman , who didn’t file a complaint. Although the NFL did not discipline him for the incident at the time, they did tell him he keeps messing up and his judgment is poor. On July 16, Elliot was connected to a problem at a Dallas bar, but he wasn’t named as a suspect and no police report was filed because of it.

After this, Head Coach, Jerry Jones, said he is still learning to navigate fame, and this is why he was having all these issues. Jones was a big part of this case. Jones was getting very frustrated with the speed of case and he said that the NFL does not condone domestic violence. On the final steps of the case in May, when they handed in Elliot’s phone records, he then met with the league investigators last October and NFL officials earlier this month. The first violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy carries a six game suspension, but can be reduced for mitigating circumstances. Elliot tweeted he did not agree with the league’s decision, but he apologized to his fans. His suspension will begin October 23, 2017.