Insane Tardy Line

As the third week of school got underway, the tardy station opened up and many students were caught in the halls.

Some days, the line was so long it went from the attendance window all the way down to the English hall.

“Well normally the line is only long in the morning,” said Mrs. Willis, WHS attendance clerk. “The the tardy line was so long on Tuesday because our system was down and we had to write everything by hand.”

First period takes the longest only because people are always waking up late and missing the bus.

“I think the tardy line is just too long its a waste of time to me,” said Senior Viviana Gonzalez.

Other students just have a hard time getting out of bed.

“The tardy line makes students even more late to class just by standing in the line,” said Sophomore Natalie Pearson.

Students need to try to get to class on time because as tardies add up.  Too many tardies could result in ISS.