“I’m Pennywise, the dancing clown,” is a phrase that will make you fear all rain gutters.

I saw the the new movie “IT”. I was very paranoid about seeing this movie, due to me not being able to watch “Poltergeist” from the 80s. “IT” was remake from an TV show, which was based off a novel written by Stephen King.

Honestly, I was pretty terrified even driving to the movie theater. When I arrived, I was shaking as I walked in the door. We bought tickets, got our popcorn, and found our seats. For some reason, the theater wasn’t packed… hmmm, wonder why? Once the previews of other movies began, I was hoping they wouldn’t end. Suddenly, the screen went black. Then, the movie began.

Throughout the movie, I was digging my nails into my palms. But after the film had ended, I was so glad that decided to see it. Even though it was hard to sleep for the next two days. I strongly recommend you seeing this movie if you love jump-scares, if you hate sleep, and if you love the dark.