The Tradition of Battle of 287


Coming into the stadium on Friday nights is absolute magic.  The sound of the deafening crowd, the scent of funnel cake, and the sight of the cheerleaders, Charmers, band, and football players greet all who enter.  But when two rival schools finally have their anticipated game, the elements of a football game are elevated to the point of insanity.

This Friday night, September 15, Waxahachie will be pitted against Ennis in a battle for the claim to Highway 287.  

“Usually on the field, the guys hype each other up, there’s lots of yelling and jumping around,” Junior Mason Smith said. “It gets pretty crazy and energetic, but when we start to lose badly we get super tired and irritable.”

Still, the players give their all throughout any mood variances.  For the past two years, Waxahachie has won the monumental game with hard work, illustrious players, determination, and a cheering crowd in their favor.  Before the wins, Waxahachie had lost the last ten out of eleven games facing the Ennis Lions.

“The battle of 287 is a different game because our rivalry goes back through the ages,” Sophomore Will Deen said. “Whoever wins the game wins the road.”

As a matter of fact, this year will mark the 93rd game against the town sharing Highway 287.   Currently, the all-time tally rests at 46 Ennis, 44 Waxahachie.  

“During the game, you get to see Waxahachie in its most passionate moment,” Junior Abbie Morton said. “This is the game that we put out all into, on and off the field.”

So be sure to bring a thundering amount of noise, an abundance of energy, and of course, plenty of spirit.