Upcoming NBA Season

The basketball season starts in just a month. We’re getting closer to seeing how the rookies are going to play in their NBA season. I think all NBA fans are ready to see how their favorite team is going to play this year since many trades have happened over the summer. No one would ever have thought Kyrie Irving would be traded to the Boston Celtics for Isiah Thomas, Jalen Brown, and a 2020 second round pick. I’m ready to see how these crazy trades turn out for the NBA season.

I think most NBA fans are excited, or at least satisfied, with who their teams drafted. Everyone has been hyping up Lonzo Ball and, from his Summer League performance, I think he will be great in the league. Other rookies have showed out in the NBA Summer League as well, such as Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Smith Jr., Jason Tatum and many more. I’m just as excited as everyone else to see how this season will play out through the regular season and playoffs. Also, it will be amazing to see who will show out this year and which athlete ends up at the top, especially for the rookies.