Cowboys Beat Giants In Heated Rivalry Game

Football is back again and with many great games that were played Sunday, possibly the most anticipated game was NFC East rivals New York Giants as they traveled down to the metroplex to face “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys. This was the third season in a row that these two teams faced each other in the season opener, with the Giants winning the previous two gaes. This year would be different, however, as the Cowboys won with a score of 19-3.

Going into this game, it was evident that the Giants were going to be struggling as star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was listed as ineligible to play. They were going to have to rely on receivers Roger Lewis and Shane Vereen totaling up to 105 receiving yards combined. Quarterback Eli Manning didn’t have a great game himself, as he threw 220 yards on 76% completion and no touchdowns. The Giants defense didn’t shine too bright either, as they allowed four field goals and one touchdown against a Cowboys offense that didn’t do too great themselves. Linebacker B.J. Goodson had a game, totaling 18 tackles. Fourteen of the tackles being solo while the rest of the defense put up anywhere between one to seven tackles. The New York Giants definitely need some room to improve, but with Odell Beckham Jr. coming back soon, the Giants offense will be able to go back to their old habits of Manning to Beckham.

Sunday night was a great night for Cowboys fans all around with not only beating their, possibly, biggest rivals, the New York Giants, the Cowboys also saw legend tight end Jason Witten pass Hall of Fame wide receiver, Michael Irvin, in receiving yards in Cowboys history with 11,947 receiving yards making him number one in that category. Star quarterback Dak Prescott had himself a good game as he threw for 268 yards on 24/39 passing and squeezed in a touchdown as well. While this might not have been Dak’s best game of his career so far, he still showed everyone why he needs to be considered as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Possibly the biggest news, however, was that Ezekiel Elliott was eligible to play this game as Zeke’s six game suspension is currently on hold. Elliott put up 104 rushing yards on 24 carries with no touchdowns as he was more for the tough yards in this game. Time will tell how the Cowboys will actually do, but it’s safe to say, so far so good.

Next week, the Dallas Cowboys travel to the Mile High City of Denver to take on Von Miller and the Broncos, while the Giants go back to New York to face Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions.