New Club Holds First Meeting


Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, right here at WHS, history is being made.

Power to the people club serves to inform and welcome students of all beliefs, sexual orientations, religions, etc to one place to feel accepted and possibly make a change. “Power to the people club means acceptance” said Brandon Moore, a Sophomore at WHS. “Our school, like every other high school, is full of people who all have different mindsets and beliefs and opinions” said Moore.

The sponsor of the club is Ms.Horn, An English teacher here at WHS. “It’s important that all students feel valued and accepted especially during such a tumultuous time in our country” said Ms.Horn. “The fact that so many students have shown interest in the club should be important to teachers because it gives us insight into our student body and the struggles and conflicts that they are faced with daily” said Horn.

One of the  presidents of the club is Jessica Lenamond, a Senior at WHS. “I want it to be a place of empowerment; Everyone needs more confidence in themselves” said Lenamond,. “The club will benefit both students and teachers by encouraging kids to speak out more and voice their own opinions, resulting in deeper conversations and thinking”.