Tennis Team Holds Heads High With Indian Pride


The WHS varsity tennis team had an eye-widening match on Tuesday, September 12th. In the end, they unfortunately came up short. Even though Midlothian is always a tough team to beat, the tennis team walked onto the courts with Indian pride. The tennis team usually warms up and prepares for their games by practicing and making sure they are stretched, pumped, and ready to go!

“I think that on Tuesday we definitely could have performed better and beaten them, but we just got in our own heads,”  said senior, Jackson Yarbrough. “There will always be those days that don’t go so well, but you just have to be the bigger person and overcome them.”

It’s also very important to be prepared for the game that you’re about to play, not just in tennis but in any sport. “When I individually warm up, I like to get myself pumped and listen to music,” says senior Jevon Carter. “It’s also very important to warm up as a team so we can practice, stretch, and be ready for the game we’re about to play.”

“The most important thing about playing throughout the school year is improving ourselves and with our teammates,” said Junior Landry Bosher. “I think that with playing tennis more and more, we get better each time we play and compete. It makes us better as individuals and as a team”.