Do we have problems in America?

As we all should know, there are problems in America. If you think, “what, no, there are no problems in America,” you are probably apart of the problem if you cannot correctly address them. I know people think different things factor into problems, and that is okay. Actually, that is how we can be mature problem solvers- knowing what everyone thinks and ways we could make a change to solve it. But, when people deny the problem, or the root of the problem because it has never affected them, that is when more serious issues start to unravel. Facts should not persuade your opinion. The problems we have in America are facts, and people are ignoring facts. 

My heart hurts because some people do not understand the extremity of what some other people in this country go through. I will never understand the emotion of what people before me went through, and what some groups of people today go through. But I can support people who are oppressed in the modern day because I am educated on the daily struggles that they go through, and on the struggles that their ancestors went through. Hopefully, we can suck it up enough to fix the problems that we already have and halt the ones that will happen in the future.