Student Council: Unite!

The votes are in!

Twelve more students have been chosen by their fellow sophomore and freshmen peers to represent student council on Friday, September 21. This year, though, is a little different.

This is the first year the group has enabled sophomores and freshmen to become officers. The elected are sophomores McKensi Bryce, Caitlin Richardson, Marisabel Garza, Halle Becerra, Kace Cotton, and Maddie Majors, and the elected freshmen are Sky Chisholm, Clyde Melick, Hunter Walker, Katie Sias, Emma Shugart, and Madeline Condor.  The group decided to make some changes because they felt that they weren’t reaching the entire student body. With freshmen joining the student body at the new high school next year, only one student council group was decided as the best option. Instead of two separate groups, they united into one large organization to prepare for next year and unite the student body.

“I’m so excited to see what our officers can do,” Student Body President Mason Yarbrough said. “We all have so much potential and it’s so cool to see us all come together as one to make the school a better place. I’m super grateful that I have the opportunity to be a leader at our school and I’m sure the other officers feel the same way.”

The group is excited and ready to take on this commitment of being leaders of their student class. This school year, the student council is in charge of prom, homecoming, winter coronation, along with other events. Although the sophomore and freshmen officers don’t have a specific position, they will still have a voice in making decisions and ideas in student council.

“I was excited to be elected as an officer,” Sophomore Class Officer Caitlin Richardson said. “I hope to do new things for students in the future.”

The student council officers took a trip to Mansfield for Find Your Grind student conference on Tuesday, September 25. The group learned what it meant to be a leader as well as gaining knowledge about “doing” rather than critiquing others or consuming the world on their phones. The group had an amazing experience at the conference.

The entirety of student council- officers and members- are looking forward to a year full of leading, uniting as a whole, and improving our beautiful school.