Fresh Beats Walk The Halls At WHS

Senior Bradley Fuller, more commonly known as B-Rad, has released his first single to launch his dream of becoming an artist with a message.

“Use your gift wisely, and don’t forget the giver” Fuller recalls one of the pieces of advice that he has clung to. Bradley “B-Rad” is a huge follower of faith and has a humble personality.

“What inspires me to make music is the love I’ve always had for it” Fuller explains his newest piece ‘You Think it’s a Game’, released October 19.

“It’s actually alright, I was surprised at how good it was” Junior Brent Harris said.

“It’s straight fire” Junior Landon Olsen said.

“It’s catchy and has a nice beat” Senior Gabriela Justiano said.

Whether you are just starting out your high school career or ready for life after school, Bradley Fuller shows us anything is possible.