The Election


As fall show season runs into play, theater students are set into action for the upcoming performances.

Waxahachie Theater Department puts on three fall shows per year- one being the blackbox production titled The Election.

The comedy-styled-play produces a story involving a high school election. Two candidates are involved in a rather competitive election, and that’s where ordinary is thrown out of the window. The show takes on an unhinged and humorous aroma throughout the plot line.

“Our show is a representation of modern politics through the comedic student body president race with stereotypical high school students who debate and scheme until it’s time for the election,” chorus member Rebecca Ramirez said.

Auditions for parts in the play were held since the first class period at the beginning of the year, and roles were cast by the start of September. Currently, rehearsals take place each B7 period for the show’s cast. Crew for the show, or tech theater, work with lighting, sound, and set for the play during tech theater class periods.

“Doing the auditions was a really fun experience. That’s why I love black box. Everything you do is an audition,” Sophomore Shelby Smith said. “Even just your behavior is one.”

After school rehearsals will begin October 23, and last up until the performances. The production will be held in the blackbox for six performances on November 6-11, beginning at 7pm each night.  But, the theater students end up staying at the school till about 10pm for clean up and doing critiques for the next show.

In preparation for these shows, the cast run through a series of exercises. For example, the cast does warm ups before every after-school rehearsal. This activity involves the students controlling their breathing and getting their body to relax. They also participate in still frames, where they capture a specific emotion in a still pose. This helps the actors focus on reactions and timing.

“Warm ups help us to get into the feel of our characters,” Lead role Nadia Sigala said. “In other words, they help us to let out all of the stress of our other activities and focus on becoming our character.”

Dedication is essential in the theater process and it’s evident that the cast and crew of The Election put much time and effort into this performance. The school can’t wait to witness the performers in action.