Thanksgiving traditions are different for everyone


Thanksgiving for some means gathering around a table decked out with foods such as turkey or macaroni and cheese. For others it means waiting until the right time to race out and chase the deals down. But there is another group of people who celebrate the same holiday completely differently. Here they are.

“Last year, my leg was broken so we had Chinese food and sang karaoke because I couldn’t move much”- Karlee Meaders 12th

“We have ham and turkey because most of my family doesn’t like turkey”- Daniel Caliendo 10th

“We have deer and dove because we go a couple days before Thanksgiving to hunt”- Hannah Sandling 11th

“My family celebrates with Mexican food because it’s our grandparents tradition”- Halle Becerra 10th

“I eat ham so I can stay up all night to black Friday shop”- Hope Madrigal 12th

“If you are the last person to arrive, you have to finish all the food”- Natalie Pearson 10th

“On Wednesday, we’ll go scope out deals and then Thursday at 11pm we’ll hit up just Target and get Christmas socks for 50 cents”- Macie Pelt 11th

“We have different types of tamales sometimes”- Michael Gutierrez 11th

“We celebrate it a week early and then my parents go to Louisiana to gamble”- Heather Lopez 11th

‘We usually eat. Frog legs it’s been a family tradition for the last 5 years. It goes good with marinara and honey mustard”- Brandon Gilliland 12th