Black Friday Horror Stories

Right after Thanksgiving dinner, while you are stuffed on turkey and pie, most people are staying up until midnight to catch the best prices. But sometimes the low prices can bring a person to violent means. Here are those stories.

“I saw a lady at Walmart and I walked up to the kitchen utensils and went to go grab the utensils and she whipped around and snatched it from my grasp,” -Brandon Gilliland, 12

“Last year my dad was throwing random items into the cart and my mom slapped his hand to get him to stop putting stuff in the cart because the cost was adding up,” -Kylee Hargrove, 11

“I went to Sephora and one of the palettes was on sale and when I went to look to see how much they were, a girl tripped me and ended up getting the last one,” -Kassidy Akin, 11

“In Louisiana for thanksgiving, me and my cousin went to Walmart to get her daughter this play kitchen set and we saw the last one in someone else’s cart and we took it and ended up buying it.” -Heather Lopez, 11

“I was at Best Buy to get a MacBook Air. It was the last one and I went up to get it and this lady comes up and tries to say it was for her granddaughter and she said the only way you are getting this is if you take it from me. So I tried and she called me a stupid millennial and tried to hit me with her bag.. her hand cramped so I took my shot and ran with it.” -Courtney Harrington, 11

“My mimi was fighting to get a tv these people were trying to get the same tv and she beat them with a newspaper” -Madison Betts, 11

“I kept getting rammed by Walmart carts all night and had bruises when I got home” -Morgan Baxter, 10

“I wanted to get my cousin an American Girl doll for Christmas. There was one left when a group of guys pushed me out of the way and took the doll. Needless to say my cousin didn’t get that American Girl doll.” -Jason Hall, 11