Christmas Traditions


The air is crisp and cold. The blankets are warm- the hot chocolate is warmer. Christmas is a universally loved holiday and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to Christmas, many people hold unique traditions that are special to them personally. Rather it be a seasonal meal, traveling, or a gathering of friends and family, each of us have traditions we enjoy this time of year.

“Every year I wake up at 3 am to roast a turkey with my dad,” said sophomore Ryan Johnson.

“I don’t celebrate Christmas, but every year I go hunting with my dad during the Christmas break,” said freshman Mike Forlano.

“I go to the movies with my family during the holidays,” said freshman Nathan O’daniel.

“I go shopping at North Park with my Aunt,” said Sophomore Michelle Jensin.

“I travel to Louisiana o see my family.” said Sophomore Raegan Blalch.

“Every Christmas Eve we go to my aunts house for dinner and my nannies for dessert. We also wake up in our pjs and eat breakfast at my nannies,” said Junior Macie Hewson.

“ I watch Christmas movies with my family,” said junior Miguel Martinez.

What do you do for Christmas?