The FFA state competition

Some of the students in the FFA competition team have out-preformed themselves and made it to state.  The LDE’s (leadership development events) are challenging competitions that use speaking and other skills. The teams are going to state are: Junior/Senior Skills, Chapter Conducting, and Ag Advocacy.

Skills: Marking and explaining a product that is beneficial to the agriculture industry while demonstrating its use. The students will also be asked a series of questions that they must answer to the best of their abilities all while promoting the product.

Chapter Conducting: Conducting a formal meeting and being judged on their performance by how they interact with each other and their topic.

Ag Advocacy: Promoting an Agriculture related product and explaining how it helps the industry. They must answer questions about the product while still promoting it.

“We were really hoping to go to state,” said Chapter Conducting president, senior Whitney Johnson. “I think it was a fun and challenging experience, and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to do it”

“We had so much fun at state,” said skills team member, sophomore Kayla Milholen. “I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else.”

“My students had an outstanding performance and have improved so much sense they first started,”said Agriculture teacher Mrs. Middleton. “I’m proud of how hard they worked to get to state” 

Skills: Fifth place

Junior Skills: Second place

Ag Advocacy: Tenth place