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ESL Students’ Cultural Party.

The last Monday of the school year, December 18, the ESL English class had the opportunity to hold a small cultural party in our school’s reservation. This program count with students from different parts of the world, so the celebration was fortunate to enjoy dishes from different nationalities. Syria, Indonesia, China, and Mexico were present. There was orange chicken, pico de gallo, sushi, carnitas, Arabic cake, nachos, meatballs, and a good Syrian dessert called Alsheblack. Also as it could not be missed, even though none were native to Italy, if there was a lot of pizza, in addition to other snacks that are also found in America.

After the food, music, and games, we had the opportunity to interview several of the program members.  

The teacher Caroline Carlson, who is the one who carries out the ESL program, gave us her opinion about the party and about the students.

“It was really fun,” she said. “Everyone brought food from different countries or different cultures, and it was a time to just learn about others types of food, have some fun and play games.” She also added, “I think this class is awesome because we get to teach each other about different countries of the world and not just learn about your own country, but learn about other peoples experiences.”

In the same way, the professional assistance of the program, Juanita Serna, gave us her opinion about the celebration.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Serna. “Sharing the different cultures we come from, and I’m very proud of that.”

When we asked what she thought of the students this was what she said: “They are are a little challenging sometimes, but I love them. I love the different types of celebrities I learned and the different things they do. It’s always good to know different cultures.”

After having interviewed the educational staff, it was the turn of the students.

“I had never tasted sushi and I finally tried it; it was delicious! I think that if everyone gets to know each other, we could be good friends and try different things at the same time,” Said Junior Samantha Juarez Rivas. “It’s great that this class has different types of people because among us we could learn different languages and make friends from different countries.”

“It was really fun,” said Senior Sasha Alfaro. “Each person brought some food from their culture, and it also was really unique to try food from different countries. In my opinion that was a good idea that our teacher gave a party during school. I think that every teacher should do that with their class; that’s one of the ways professor and student can find the way to connect with each other.”

Also, Martin Reyes, Junior student, proved to think in a solidary way same way as their partners. “I would describe that party that we had as something very special; in this class, we are the people who speak English in a more limited way, so when we all meet together there is something we have in common and that makes me feel good.”

Sophomore Sharis Sanchez said that although not all students spoke the same language, that did not stop her from having a good time. “The reservation was calm, but the party was fine; It was not quite like the way to celebrate in Mexico, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food very much. When I have fun with other people in a friendly way it is difficult to feel the difference between cultures. In situations like this, I feel that I can be friends with many people.”

Junior Juan Carlos Cerezo said ,”he was funny; relaxed by spending it with friends, teachers. It was good, but above all the food was very, very deliciosa.”

And although some had conflicts with the dishes like Africa ‘Zaky’ Rimoe, Junior student. “In my opinion wasn’t good all the food, but the party was good.”