No tears for senior year

Ahhh. Last semester of high school. What I’ve been looking forward to for the past four years! Just kidding. Well, kind of. 

I have never been one of those people who are super sentimental. I always wished that I was, but no matter how hard I try, I just am not. We all see these posts on social media about how high school is the best time, and blah blah blah. But in reality, that kind of concerns me. Why is this random college freshman on twitter who has 25.5K retweets and 101.3K likes on a tweet about ‘lasts’ trying to tell me that my senior year of high school is the best thing that will happen to me? No… I understand that I am not going to get this time in my life back, but it definitely hasn’t been the best time of my life. And if this actually is the best time of my life, that is pretty sad. 

I’m not trying to sound super pessimistic, but it is the truth. You have so many great things ahead of you. High school limits you in a way you don’t understand until you get out. It isn’t like I would know, but I can only imagine.

Now, I am not going to think I am too edgy to enjoy my last semester of high school. It’s just kind of annoying when I see people being brainwashed into thinking that this is the best time of their life and that their life is essentially over after graduation.  But, I am not going to boo-hoo about there being lasts in my life when I know that my future is full of firsts.