Texas Soon to Dip Into Frigid Temperatures

Christmas is in the winter, which often brings to mind white crystals dancing in the air, bundling up in coats and scarves, and snuggling up by a fireplace. Students wear ugly  sweaters, cozy Ugg boots, and drink hot beverages like hot cider and hot chocolate.  Recently, it has not been that type of weather. Last year in Waxahachie, there was absolutely no snow. Not only that, but it was 74 degrees on Christmas last year. It left many feeling sad and disappointed that it felt like a muggy summer day instead of a white Christmas because the entire basis of our holiday was nonexistent. Many even dressed in shorts last year-in winter.

This year is different, though. Sadly, no snow is set in the forecast, but the good news is that the temperatures will feel like there should be a winter wonderland among us. The following days will definitely feel chilly as the temperatures will drop into the 20’s and low 30’s, which means that winter festivities can resume. Most are happy about the drop, but these temperatures are causing concerns for some students who would rather have a warm Christmas.

Sophomore Maria Miner is an example. She loves celebrating Christmas time, including wearing festive sweaters, decorating with red and green, and gifting, but hates the cold weather that comes along with it.

“Christmas is all about being happy,” Miner said. “If it really wanted me to be happy, it would be 90 degrees.”

The weather for Christmas as of December 19th is predicted to be at frigid temperatures: 49 degrees for the high and 36 degrees for the low- normal Christmas weather! Snow is also predicted to occur sometime during the winter break, unlike the break of 2016. Take that, global warming!

The weather was predicted to snow on Christmas, but it has changed since then. Even if it were to snow, most Texans are not prepared for that since it is a rare occurrence. Hopefully, Texas will receive some, if any, snow during January and February of 2018.

Get ready to crank the heat up to 75 degrees, curl up in the warmest blankets, and settle down with some hot chocolate and enjoy the frigid Christmas weather of Waxahachie, Texas.