Acting, Area, and Autism-2018 OAP


Hayley Pickett, Staff Writer

Autism. One in sixty eight children are on the spectrum of this condition. That’s over 70,000,000 people in the world. Our theatre department is addressing this often glossed over topic in their most recent One Act Play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.  

The story follows a boy with autism in his journey to figure out who killed his neighbor’s dog. His adventure takes him across the United Kingdom, over eighty miles in total.

“Christopher’s most challenging journey is connecting with others despite having autism” team member McKensi Bryce said.

The most challenging part of putting on the show, however, is vastly different. The students must portray ASD accurately with sensitivity to the topic, but further than that, the crew has a vital role in the overall picture.  

Will Deen, the crew member in charge of projections, said, “The most challenging part of doing projections is having to troubleshoot everything that may go wrong and checking every detail.”

In fact, during the area contest, the projections malfunctioned and the beginning of the show was disrupted. Even with this setback, WHS won their first 2nd place trophy of the year. Sam Linguist has won best actor three times in a row, and Emme Sullivan, Caleb Barnett, and Katy Wilson have each won impressive awards consistently for every contest.

There will be a final public show Tuesday, April 10 at 6:15 in the FAC. The department couldn’t be more happy to share their show with WISD.