Mrs. Price’s Retirement

After 31 years of exceptional teaching, Mrs. Emily Price has made the decision to retire from physics at Waxahachie High School. Mrs. Price attended school at Texas A&M University and initially studied for a degree in Wildlife Biology, aspiring to save the elephants, but later realized her passion was teaching and switched to secondary education in science. She taught at four different schools before finally finding her home at Waxahachie High School, where she would spend the next 18 years changing the lives of all of her students.

This is not the end of Mrs. Price’s teaching. She will still be teaching geology three times a week where she can answer just about any of your wildest earth related questions. Her life will be very similar to a Hannah Montana episode where she will be living “the best of both worlds”. She will still get to do what she loves most by serving and interacting with her students and will now have more time to travel and go through her “35 years worth of stuff”. She plans to travel overseas and to many different countries for ecology vacations.

“Since I was little I’ve always had a connection to Africa and the wildlife there,” Mrs. Price said.

Throughout her 31 years of teaching, Mrs. Price has had many memorable moments. In her early years of teaching, she started a penny drive for an Elephant Wildlife Fund. With the help of her students, she raised up to $800, going on to win teacher of the year. Along with this great accomplishment, she also valued the opportunity of getting to teacher her daughter, Marisa.

“I was unsure of how it was going to go,” Mrs. Price said, “but I loved every minute of it.”

Now that her time teaching physics is coming to an end, there will be many things she is going to miss in the future, especially the kids. Although teaching can be complicated, she has always enjoyed the opportunity to give back and serve her students.

“There is always that one student that brings you back for another year,” Mrs. Price said.