Toilet Paper

On one ordinary day, my teacher Mrs. Melick handed me a stack of papers. I glanced at the one-sided article, and there was a list of the weekly news. As I was looking at it, I saw a toilet paper roll in the middle of the paper. Mrs. Melick then asked me to tape them in the stalls of the restrooms as I sighed. At first, I thought this was a joke, and then she handed me a tape dispenser and told me to go. When wandering to the bathroom, I realized how dumb I would look walking in the stalls with a load of paper and tape. I quickly ran in the disgusting restroom and locked my self in the stall swiftly sealing the news on the wall. The noseĀ holding stench made me go even faster as I went from bathroom to bathroom. When I got back to class, I hoped I’d never had to do that again. But now Mrs. Melick makes go to the restroom to hang up news every week, and I cannot wait to go back.