Spring Musical

Spring Musical

The Drama Department is gearing up for its annual spring musical. This year’s production brings a humorous show entitled “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” to the stage. The comedic show is centered around 6 quirky adolescent contestants in a spelling bee.

Olive Ostrovsky, played by Freshman Bailey Ballard and Senior Alana Lehew, is a contestant who entered the competition because she made friends with her dictionary at a young age.

William Morris Barfée, played by Senior Caleb Barnett, is a returning competitor who used his “magic foot method” to help him spell.

Logainne “Schwarzy” SchwarzandGrubenierre, played by Senior Emmeline Sullivan and Junior Kaylie Sanchez, is the youngest speller with two gay fathers who constantly nag her about winning.

Marcy Park, played by Sophomore Hayley Pickett and Junior Madison Zandt, is an intelligent contestant who speaks 6 languages.

Leaf ConeyBear, played by Junior Sam Linguist, is a homeschooler student and the runner up of his district spelling bee.

Chip Tolentino, played by Sophomore Jaden Patterson, is a Boy Scout and last year’s winner. He is returning to defend his title.

“I got my first essential role in Putnam and I’m super excited but also a bit nervous,” Sophomore Monticella Woodley said. “I’m ready for the community to see it!”  Woodley plays Michelle Mahoney, the comfort counselor who gives the contestants juice boxes when they are eliminated.

Chorus member Sophomore Nadia Sigala said, “The show is very fun to prepare for because we learn to dance and sing the songs with friends.”

The cast and crew are eager for the public to see it in May.