Tragedy Strikes Humboldt

On Friday, April 6, tragedy struck a small town in the middle of Saskatchewan. While traveling to a playoff hockey game, the team bus was struck by a tractor trailer at an intersection. Sixteen people were killed at the scene, 5 of them team personnel, including the Head Coach, Announcer, and Assistant Coach. Ten of the players, ranging from ages 16-21, were also fatally injured. A dozen people, including team staff and players, remain at a Saskatoon Hospital, with four that remain in critical condition. A supporter of the team set up a Gofundme which is at $6 million and counting. Also, as a tribute to the team, people all around the world are leaving hockey sticks, pucks, coaching whiteboards, refereeing equipment, skates, and more out on their porches as a tribute. Even former NHL players are putting them out as a tribute.

The Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Penguins, and more will be donating money to the families affected. As of April 11, the GoFundMe was at $8,726,837 and counting. This number is not including countless donations from T-shirts, 50/50 raffles, and much more.

When tragedies like this happen, the hockey community always comes together.
To find out more on this tragedy, look up the hashtags #humboldtstrong, #sticksoutforhumboldt, and #humboldt.