We are left in the wake of one of the biggest music festivals in America, Coachella. After the first weekend, many students are talking about the extraordinary performances given by numerous artists. Even in Texas, teens dream of attending the California music festival filled with great music, warm weather, and unforgettable memories. Beyonce, the Coachella performance everyone is raving about, brought out her husband, Jay-Z, as well as reuniting with Destiny’s Child, taking everybody back to the 90’s. She was the first black woman to headline at Coachella and gave an outstanding performance, leaving everyone speechless. Junior Nancy Silva says, “It depends on who’s playing but I think Coachella would be a really fun experience.” With its wide range in music variety, over 100,000 people were in attendance the first weekend and there was even more to come 0n the second weekend. The food and tickets may be overpriced, but many music lovers are willing to pay for this unique experience.