Paganini to Open Soon

The Theater department, along with its spring musical and one act play, is putting out yet another production this month entitled, “Paganini.” The show is a Blackbox class production, but will be performed on the main stage during school hours.

The play follows a story centered around a man in his late thirties named Paganini. After a strange man gives him a big, new violin, he becomes a world renowned violinist who travels to many places performing with his violin. However, the show takes a dark but comedic twist when it appears his violin is cursed.

“I love getting to work with my friends and seeing how much the show progresses,” freshman Abby Rose said.

“I feel like Paganini will be a new experience for all of us. It will have its highs and lows, but hopefully will end in a high,” sophomore Taylor Green said.

“It’s a slightly weird show, but it has a deep message behind it,” sophomore Taylor Rose said.

“The show kinda gives me another personality that I can live in for a little bit and forget everything else,” junior Jaden Peña said.