Prom: A night to remember

Prom is an important memory most teenagers experience. This year’s prom was unforgettable. Even though the tickets, dresses, and food all add up to a high price, it was worth it. There was a lively DJ that played a variety of music from country to rap. I felt they played music everyone could enjoy and got most people to participate and have fun. Also, different places were set up to take pictures like a photo booth and backdrops. This was one of my favorite parts because I will be able to remember the experience for the rest of my life. The overall decor was very nice and appealing. I enjoyed the theme and thought it was incorporated well into every aspect, even the food. There was sushi and different dessert options like a chocolate fountain. There was plenty of places to sit and plenty of room to dance, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Overall, I feel the prom was worth the price and I will be going again next year.