Bates brings new class to WHS

Along with Waxahachie ISD expanding into a new high school came a newly expanded staff. Over 30 new teachers were hired for the 2018-2019 school year in addition to the four new classes students are now able to take.

One of these new classes that you’ve probably seen all over social media is the broadcasting class. The teacher himself, Mr. Bates, spent nine months pushing for the creation of this video class during the 2017-2018 school year.

“I wanted to provide the opportunity to showcase the various talents and achievements of Waxahachie High School,” Bates said, “With the help of an administration team that believed in the opportunities this program could create, we made it happen.”

Bates is a former UT student who studied in marketing and advertising. After he graduated in 2014 he went to be a marketer for Frito-Lay for two years. He then decided to become a teacher and worked at Howard Jr High for two years. Currently, he teaches full time at WHS and has a “side hustle” as a realtor.

After only being in school for three weeks the broadcasting team has created four new videos and have gotten up to 17,000 views on a single video. These videos are being spread on platforms like facebook and twitter.

For the future, Mr. Bates hopes to see the class grow and provide new opportunities to the students involved.

We currently focus primarily on news surrounding Waxahachie High School, but as the program grows in staff quality and quantity, our focus can shift to district-wide news and events,” Bates said.