Tim Miller, everybody

Ashlyn Florence, Staff Writer

Tim Miller is an English teacher here at Waxahachie High School. He has been teaching at Waxahachie for 10 years, with hopes to retire after this school year. After graduating from high school himself, Miller went on to get a college education, mainly because he feels that having an education is an important part of making people act respectfully. Soon after finishing, the new college graduate decided to pursue a career in show business.

In his 30 plus years of work, Miller worked his way high up in the chain of Hollywood. He started as a simple stagehand, eventually working his way up to a stage manager, and then even further beyond that as a technical director. Miller even worked his way through the platforms, from theatre to TV, and eventually film. Yet after 30+ years the credited crew member decided it was time for a change.

He picked teaching simply because of the inspiring teachers he was blessed with when he was in school. He wanted the chance to be the same for his students. He chose English because it is his belief that English more than the study of Reading and writing, helps develop the core communication skills that are needed throughout life.

To him, the best part of teaching is when his students are eager and ready to learn. A good day is when the students are academically responsive.

Having the summers off isn’t exactly a bad part of the gig either. In the summers, Miller helps crew a TV show in Michigan called “Innovation Nation,” specifically with the lighting on set. When not working this second job, he plays golf and relaxes at home with his wife, Susan.

Getting these kids to college and helping them further their education is his biggest accomplishment, according to Miller. That is the reason Miller teaches.