Spiderman PS4 2018

Spiderman, the new game that was released on September 7 of this year is amazing. If you haven’t had a chance to play, you’re missing out BIG-TIME.

The new game has been teased for almost a year now and the trailers got more exciting every time. After about a month, Marvel gave us a little information about the game itself. We learned that it is the open-world, combat-packed Spiderman game the world has needed for a long time.

As soon as school got out Friday, I rushed to Best Buy and bought it without hesitation. Within the first seconds of starting the game, I was swept off my feet with the mechanics as well as the overall look of the game. The combat is nonstop action with hardly any repetition of kicks or punches, and a broad selection of fighting moves.

The story of the game is what I was most surprised by. Though it is not very long, the story is extremely heartfelt with many emotional moments. Yet, even after the story is finished the game is far from over. There are still many challenges to conquer and tokens to earn sp the player can buy a bigger selection of suits, gadgets, and upgrades, which some, without spoiling anything, are super cool.

Overall, the game has been one of the best PS4 purchases I’ve ever invested in, with Spiderman being very enjoyable and giving a detailed story with hardly any threat of the game growing old.

So, if you’re ever shopping around a game store and you see Spiderman, buy it, so you too can know that with great power, comes great responsibility.