New Dress Code

Amy Hernandez, Staff Writer

This year Waxahachie High School has changed part of its dress code. Students are now allowed to wear sweatpants! To many, this has made a huge impact.

“It’s nice. I like that we have a little bit more freedom,” Sophomore Preslie Davis said.

The student body seems to be enjoying this privilege, and many are actively participating each Friday. This will be something that administrators will review throughout the year, based on attendance and behavior.

“It was something I thought would be nice to give the students to enjoy on their Friday’s,” Principal Adan Casas said.

Although some students are yet to wear sweats until it gets a bit cooler out.

“Once it gets colder I will start wearing them,” Sophomore Julie Garcia said. “It will make me feel comfy and warm.”

Everyone is hoping that the behavior stays in check.

“There might be that one kid who messes everything up,” Davis said.

The teachers seem to think of it positively. So far, they have no complaints about it. As long as they are respectful in the class and stay out of trouble, everything will be fine.

“There have been no issues with it in my class,” broadcasting teacher Conrad Bates said. “I believe that giving more freedom on Friday allows the students to express more individuality.” And others agree.

Other teachers agree.

“I am here to educate the students and as long as they are here to learn it’s all good!” Chemistry teacher Joshua Perry said.

Overall the new dress code seems to have been received with overwhelming positivity. The students are thoroughly pleased and enjoying each Friday.