Casas has a new casa

Mia Charles, Staff Writer

The start of this school year has brought many new changes in Waxahachie. In addition to high school students adjusting to their new 6A, 485,000 sq. foot school, they have to adjust to a new administrator. The new principal at Waxahachie High School is Adan Casas.

Casas came from being principal at Finley Junior High to WHS. Understandably, this is a major jump.

“The size, number of students, and the different organizations make the high school different than Finley,” said Casas.

Casas has worked in many different positions in a school district. He has served as a head football coach, a history teacher, an athletic director, and a 6th-grade principal before coming to Finley in 2015. In total, he has been in education for 27 years.

He said he decided to become a principal because he liked “working with teachers and a school as one.”

Specifically, at WHS, he has found out that the most difficult part of his job is to “be in the halls throughout the day and do paperwork.”

Casas’ journey started in Freer, Texas where he grew up and attended high school. He graduated Freer High School in 1997.

Casas’ background in football began in high school where he got hurt his senior year. Although he was injured, TCU still recruited him. He walked on to the Texas Christian University football team and later received a 2- year scholarship as a TCU linebacker.

Following college, Casas worked at Lake Highlands Junior High and there he met his wife.

Twenty-two years later they have two boys, one attending a trade school and one a senior at Ennis High School. With his youngest son playing against Waxahachie, he rooted for both teams and is glad it’s over so he can support the two rivals separately.

Casas enjoys college football games, hunting, fishing, and working and interacting with kids.

Casas has enjoyed his time at WHS and is already planning for the future.

“I want to make us the best high school in the country, but we will go one year at a time.”