“Thank You, Please Drive Thru”

On Sunday, September 16, The Webb Gallery, a local outsider art gallery, opens a new exhibit featuring work from the likes of Camp Bosworth, Carl Block, Mark Todd, and Esther Pearl Watson.

The main attractions of this exhibit are oversized painted wood carvings resembling Dairy Queen products made by Marfa Artist Camp Bosworth. The entire gallery is painted sunshine yellow and is decorated with everything along the famous Texas stop sign’s menu ranging from Dilly Bars to Belt Busters.

The expert craftsmanship of these wooden monoliths of fast food can be seen in every detail. From the perfectly bent bendy straws to the crunchy sawdust coated steak fingers. Bosworth never sacrifices quality for size.

Bosworth was born in Galveston and grew up in Cleburne, so this Texas landmark has been engraved in his memory since he was a boy. When asked what his favorite item on the menu of this fast-food giant Bosworth said, “I don’t eat fast food anymore, but if I had to I would have to choose a Dilly Bar.”.

Beyond these carved treats, there is much more. As you make your way to the back of the gallery you will find a gigantic banquet table with face jugs by local artist Carl Block, then you turn a corner, go up a flight of stairs and you find yourself in another exhibit. This Pink wall is covered by the works of Los Angeles artists Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd. Watson, who grew up in Texas, work references her early Texan life along with pink UFOs adorning the top of her “Cereal Box Drawings.” Watson’s father growing up believed that he could build a flying saucer and this impact can blatantly be seen in all of her work; almost all of her paintings are embellished with pink or silver eye-shaped flying saucers.

Directly to the right of these drawings are a wall of her husband, Mark Todd’s, work. For this exhibit, Todd has painted kooky portraits of people from his high school yearbook. The characters are painted in a technique that Todd titles “Blobby Paint.”. To the right of these funky caricatures lie fake VHS tape boxes painted by Todd. With titles like “The Shining” and “War Games”.

These tapes are something we can all relate to.

The Webb Gallery is open from 1-5 on Saturdays and Sundays and is located off of the square at 209 W Franklin street downtown Waxahachie. The Exhibit “Thank you, Please Drive Thru” will be open until November 25.