Bon Appetit

WHS Culinary prepares for first food service


Makayla Reese, Staff Writer

The culinary department will officially open up their school restaurant, The Reservation, to the public on Wednesday September 26.

Although, they have had the Reservation opened up in past years, this is their first year operating it in a brand new state of the art building with a room fit to seat 80 guests.

The advanced classes that will be running the restaurant consist of over 24 students who have been preparing for this event since the first day of school and they couldn’t be more excited.

Senior Macie Hewson, one of the students set to work the restaurant on opening day, is ready to “live up to people’s expectations” with their first dish of Shrimp and Grits and show-stopping bread pudding for dessert.

With brand new uniforms for the front of the house (servers) and a stainless steel industrial kitchen, Chef Joel Skipper has more than prepared them for the 183 guests that are to be expected come Wednesday.

“We do plan on some walk-ins,” said Skipper, “but we want to make sure that for the people that reserved a spot we have enough food for them for sure.”

All in all everything is ready to go, and this is just the beginning to an amazing year.

“My main goal for the year is to get my seniors to a point in their skill level to where they can go out and get an entry level job with a seamless transition,” said Skipper.