Bosher makes her mark

Corinne Auvenshine, News Media Staff Writer

It can be hard to make a name for oneself in a sea of 2400 students, but Senior Landry Bosher has definitely made an impact.

Bosher is this year’s Waxahachie FFA Chapter President. She is also a standing member of the oh-so-great Area Eight Officer Team. Additionally, she is a new member of Waxahachie ISD’s Teen School Board.

“My role in FFA is a leader. I take any leadership opportunity I can because I love being a role model for students to follow. FFA has made me into the person I am, and I want to be that person that encourages others,” she said.

Bosher is very committed to the FFA program and WHS as whole.

Bosher herself said, “I’m very involved in FFA. FFA and school take up most of my time.”

The school day and FFA intermix in the form of the multiple classes offered through the Ag program. Bosher, throughout her years at WHS, has attended multiple of these courses.

 “I definitely enjoy my ag classes the most because that’s where I learn my most valuable skills and make friends that enjoy the same stuff I do,” she said. “My ag teachers have been some of the biggest role models in my life. They always encourage me to do my best.”

Bosher is more than just another successive high school student. She is also loyal to and proud of her friends.

 “My friends are the most important to me. They’re there when I need someone and always know how to help any situation. We also have a lot of good times. I love to hang out with my friends and drive around town in my free time,” she said.

Her friends are aware of but not deterred by Landry’s success throughout her high school career. Bosher is confident in her abilities, and she makes sure that her efforts are rooted in enjoyment and are fruitful.

 “I think that my friends would describe me as fun and a good leader. I would describe myself as stubborn and competitive but also fun and outgoing. I would want to be remembered as confident and headstrong. I would also want to be remembered as fun and lively,” Bosher said.

She is aware of major issues happening across our country, but she has a respectable and mature view on our country’s state of success.

Bosher said, “Diversity is good for America. In fact, America was based on diversity. But there’s a line between being diverse and being divided. I think America is becoming more and more divided which makes us a weaker country.”

The future holds great things for this young woman.

 “I plan to attend Oklahoma State University and study animal science,” she said.