Giveth and Taketh Away

Sweats on Friday mothballed

Eric Speelman, Staff Writer

The privilege of wearing sweatpants on Friday has been revoked temporarily, WHS principal Adan Casas announced Friday afternoon.

“This is not a dress code change,” Casas said. “We’re just trying to enforce the rules a little more. Some people have been taking advantage of sweats on Fridays.”

The news comes amid a recent dress code crackdown by WHS administration.

“I’m thrilled,” said journalism teacher Chrisanna Melick. “I feel like when you have rules in place you need to follow them, and we have been teaching students to ignore the rules.”

Junior Johnathan Mata agrees. “I think it gets you well prepared for the future and your job,” he said. “Waxahachie is already loose on dress code.”

“It’s already so much better,” Melick said. “People are already following the rules.”

However, not all of the student body is on board.

“I feel like the dress code in general takes away our freedom,” sophomore Jesus Reyes said. “High school students are young adults.”

A possible return has not been ruled out.

“At this point, sweats on Fridays are on a week-to-week basis,” Casas said. “If we have a good week, then I’ll announce that they are permissible that week.”