“By The Way, I Forgive You” review

The 2019 Grammy nominations came out and amidst the plentiful rap and R&B albums nominated lies the polar opposite; a collection of songs created by Brandi Carlile. By The Way, I Forgive You is a truly honest and epic accomplishment by the singer/songwriter. In her second year being nominated, she sweeps in six categories including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best American Roots Performance, Best American Roots Song and Best Americana Album. Her last nomination was in 2015 with only one nomination for Best Americana Album.

The Grammys over the years have become more and more of a “celebrity who’s who” and less about true talent and creativity, however, with this nod to Carlile I believe that the heart and originality of true  American music is still beating.

Moving passed the high impact consumerism of American culture, Carlile creates a truly human album that shows off her vocal talent just as well as her impeccable writing. This can be heard in songs “Whatever You Do,” and “The Joke” where soulful chanting almost becomes a far-off scream while retaining the deep sense of hearth that only real emotion can bring.

A subtle and mellow Janis Joplin for the twenty-first century, Brandi Carlile reminisces about her roots while bringing in a powerful artistic vision and performance. The record acts as a snorkel to the fresh air of America that we so often disregard in our busy contemporary lives. Dropping out of high school to pursue a career in music may not be the best idea for most, but for Carlile, it seemed to work out. Building her career from the bottom she is the best example of the American Dream. The ability to climb the ladder based on true talent is what the music industry should be about, and I believe she is the shining beacon for the music industry to follow. Trust honesty and let talent thrive.