Dear Mr. President…can’t we just compromise?

Eric Speelman, Staff Writer

As the government shutdown rolls into its second month with no end in sight, we must ask: why not compromise?

For the last four weeks, nearly 1 million government employees have either been furloughed or forced to work without pay, causing unnecessary stress on families as they try to pay their bills and eat.

As a businessman, Donald Trump should be well aware of the need to keep our government running – but he has consistently refused to back down from his outrageous demands for a wall on our southern border, putting the livelihood of millions at stake. No meetings have taken place on Capitol Hill to avert this ongoing travesty.

Besides, people who are desperate enough to get across the border will get across – a wall will not stop them. It would be better to encourage immigration through legal channels.

There’s only one logical thing to do: reach a sensible agreement so we can reopen our government and pay our government employees.

Mr. President, there are people depending on you to do so.