Earrings: to wear or not to wear?

Chase Wakefield, Staff Writer

   Many students at Waxahachie High School are getting sick and tired of the pointless no earrings for boys policy at the school. Earrings are also a male accessory and more and more people, even administrators, are beginning to see the light and truth that the earring policy seems to serve no purpose but to maintain a feeling that males aren’t supposed to wear earrings.

 Earrings have actually always been both a female and a male accessory. Currently, the dress code policy requires that males do not wear earrings and if seen in the hallways or in a classroom, they are immediately ordered to remove them.

 Many people still wear earrings regardless and the rule is poorly enforced. Even administrators are losing faith in the rule, seeing no purpose to enforce a no ear piercings policy for people who just want to have the right to wear what they want to wear without causing any harm or distraction in the classroom.

 The main argument is that earrings do not cause any cause for concern and do not stand out, and they do not distract anyone from learning in the classroom. This makes the policy pointless in the eyes of the majority of students at Waxahachie High School.

 “It’s not affecting anybody, what’s it really going to change if a boy wears earrings or girls wear earrings? If the school wants to let us express ourselves like they say, they should let us do that.” said senior Mason Smith. Every day he is told to take off earrings that he has the right to wear in public but not on school grounds.

 Why does this policy still exist? Students can move to protest or change poor policies enacted by our school district, and it starts with one student expressing their voice.