The Muller Report: the evidence

Chase Wakefield, Staff Writer

One by one, like dominoes, the investigation of the White House on basis of collusion with the Vladimir Putin’s Russian government brought down several key figures that counseled the President. After over a year and half of investigation, however, it was concluded there was not enough evidence to impeach President Donald Trump.

Despite several key members of the White House staff and Trump’s counsel being found to have been definitely breaking the laws of the United States, the Mueller Report was closed. But a huge question still remains. The Federal Bureau of Investigation refuses to expose the documents of the investigation to the public, on basis of confidentiality.

It is alleged that 25 security clearance denials have been reversed by the White House since the beginning of the Trump administration. Despite that, the White House has been caught red-handed several times, in everything from recordings of conversations to classified documents.

The President and many others in the Republican party have decided to move on, with many claiming “there are more important issues to work on.” However, millions of Americans are still convinced that Trump shouldn’t be given a clean slate.

Although the American people are demanding the release of the report, one thing is clear. Politicians from both sides of the political spectrum in Washington, D.C. agreed that there won’t be any evidence leading to an impeachment of Trump. Even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that although Trump is not innocent, it’s time to move on to more pressing issues.

Trump’s actions have not done him any favors. Diplomacy with the Russian Federation, an old adversary that has committed several human rights abuses, and North Korea, a hermit state with anti-American sentiments, has shown many Americans that Trump could possibly be damaging the integrity of national security.

The facts are still not clear, and as long as the Mueller Report is kept from the public, it may be 20-30 years before American citizens know the truth about what really happened into the report on possible collusion involving the 45th President and one of our greatest rivals.