Student Days at Scarborough Renaissance Festival


Emily Bowers, Staff Writer

This April, art students are gearing up for yet another art contest. This event will take place on April 30th at Scarborough Fair and will feature local students’ artwork. Grades K-12 can participate in the contest, and each age group will have different judges and awards.

Each piece must represent a facet of life in the 16th century, rather that be royalty, nobility, or peasant class, to coincide with the festival’s Renaissance theme. The artwork must also be unique and meet all US copyright laws.

“I’m so excited to be a part of another art contest this year!” said junior Emily Bowers. “ I will be painting a feather fan of the 16th century to represent royalty of that time period.”

Each student is allowed one entry on a frame no bigger than 24 inches by 24 inches. Students are granted an abundance of creative freedom in that they can use many media, ranging from oils and acrylics to charcoal and ink.

“I want to use acrylics, but colored pencils are my backup plan,” said junior Rebecca Ramirez. “I will be painting some kind of royalty jewelry.”

The competition will have three winners from each category, and an overall “Best in Show”  piece out of the nine medalists.

“I’m not really focused on winning,” Ramirez said. “To be a part of the experience is winning enough.”