New rule keeps students on campus


Cain Collins

The new cordon regulating travel off campus.

Mia Charles, Staff Writer

With one month left of school, Waxahachie High School administration has put in place a new rule prohibiting seniors from leaving during their off period. Seniors with an off period A2, A3, B6, or B7, many of whom use their time to work or rest, are now forced to remain on campus, and they are questioning the administration’s decision.

“My off-campus period should be off-campus,” senior Ashlyn Florence said.

The rule was put into place recently due to attendance problems – namely, a small percentage of students not returning for their other classes. Many students are also skipping and getting mixed in with those who do have off periods.

“We are looking to make things safer for the students and watch the kids skipping classes,” Principal Adan Casas said. “Now that we have stopped the kids from leaving, we are going to reevaluate and make the best decision for the students.”

Still, most seniors are critical.

“Why would they give me an off campus period if I can’t go off campus?” senior Gunnar Jendrezy said.