Jonas Brothers: the return

Mackenzie Hines, Staff Writer

Nick, Joe and Kevin are back together!

It’s a dream come true for all the JoBro fans! After a six year hiatus the Jonas Brothers have returned to the boy band scene. They released “Sucker” on March 1st and the song quickly took over making it to number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100, only days later! They then released a follow up song “Cool” on April 5th.

The Jonas Brothers formed in 2005 and gained popularity appearing on Disney Channel’s hit movie, Camp Rock in 2008.

Their first song “Please Be Mine” was released in 2005 and soon after they were signed by Columbia Records.

Throughout their fame they have sold over 17 million records worldwide.  Even performing at the White House, and singing the national anthem.

Seniors Emma and Grace Ludwig speak for all of us when they say they were excited about this comeback and that they’ve been listening to the Jonas brothers forever, and are happy to see their evolution as a group and especially with their newest song!

Be on the lookout for more songs from this iconic trio, especially their album that is being released later this year.