“Shazam” a must-see


“SHAZAM!” From non-stereotypical humor to the attention-grabbing action, David Sandberg’s “Shazam” is a really amazing film that is worth the ticket purchase. I saw the movie last Friday and didn’t go in with any hope of it being good. Most of DC’s films in the past couple of years, in my opinion, have been rather disappointing. And it’s safe to say that “Shazam” does fit the false assumptions I gave it before seeing it.

From the very start, I was intrigued and on the edge of my seat. The humor kept me in a very light and happy mood since it wasn’t overused. “Shazam” is definitely a kid-friendly film with hardly any bad words, along with light violence considering most of the characters are very powerful beings who can destroy buildings with ease.

If you go into the movie theater expecting an extremely violent and dark feeling movie, you will end up disappointed. “Shazam” has taken a different turn from most of DC’s movies and gone more to the light rather than the dark.

“Shazam” is a highly recommended film that I believe really has turned the DC universe in the right direction.