A tangible story


Galilea Galvan, Staff Writer

Each one of us has been able to recognize that one of the things that human beings most need to survive is touch. Each and every one of us depends on this reality to awaken the notion of the life we have inside, to manifest our humanity, to be aware that within us resides a soul that reminds us of its fundamental right to receive affection.

This is how the beautiful philosophy of Five Feet Apart is introduced. Five Feet Apart, which came to the big screen last March, is based on the novel of the same name by Rachel Lippincott, and presents the life of Stella (played by Haley Lu Richardson), a teenager who persists with a positive and enthusiastic attitude despite her struggle against cystic fibrosis.

“I really want to see it, because I think it can be a really nice and entertaining movie. One of my aspirations is to become a nurse, so it seems like a suitable movie for me,” said junior Emeri Rangel.

The story is also enriched by an additional character besides Stella, someone who, like her, faces the same common fate: Will (Cole Sprouse), who, with his unexpected arrival and rebellious personality, steals her breath, and, at the same time, drives her to keep fighting. And yet, ironically, this masterful piece does justice to the fact that distance is not a limit to unconditional love.

One of the truths involved in this film is that the scenes provoke sobs inside the movie theater, and being aware of it, a large part of its audience has already decided to enjoy it for the second time.

“It demonstrates what a true friendship is,” said junior Maria Tovar.

Something that was taken into consideration in the process of this project, was the dedication to Claire Wineland, a girl of inspiring character and a real CF patient who contributed to the film until her last breath. Wineland, just as Stella does, documented her life through her YouTube channel, sharing her experience with the world while facing her condition with positivism, making known both her charisma and humanity, as well as the ones of thousands of people fighting to make worth each breath.