“Good Boys” a must-see


Harrison Bultman, Staff Writer

Before I get started, here’s something everyone needs to know before seeing “Good Boys“- it is a slightly raunchy comedy about sixth-graders hoping to attend a kissing party. Though it’s primarily a comedy, believe it or not, this movie does have educational moments. It teaches young kids that relationships and friendships fade. While it’s depressing, it’s true. How the movie integrates these topics into the plot is good.

The vulgarity, while slightly offensive, does add humor to the movie, which, overall, is hilarious. Some of the lines between the friends are very relatable, especially for the male population. The best thing about this movie is its ability to be funny but also heartwarming.

In all, if I had to rate this movie, I’d give it 4.5/5. It’s a must-watch comedy movie of 2019 and a great movie about friendship.